Political Activist / Writer / Charity Leader & Consultant


Jessie Jacobs is the founder and former CEO of A Way Out, a Teesside charity tackling poverty, addiction and abuse among women and young people. She was awarded the Sunday Times social entrepreneur of the year award for her ground breaking approaches to tackling serious social issues such as sexual exploitation and drug abuse.

Since leaving A Way Out, Jessie has become an active political campaigner, speaking out on issues such as sexual exploitation, child poverty, benefit sanctions, racism and xenophobia. She is a passionate ambassador for Teesside and the North East and is also an advocate for women and minorities engagement in politics.

More recently she lead the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign, fighting to keen Britain in the EU. Read more here 

Jessie is most passionate about engaging communities and bottom up approaches to social change. Recognising that the most powerful voices are those that are closest to the issues.

Jessie is also a now well respected writer, having written for publications such as The Guardian, The New Statesman, Unite the Union and various local and regional newspapers such as the The Evening Gazette.

You may also enjoy some of Jessies more general thoughts and musings here.. personal themes


  1. Good to know you’re still “in the loop” – the sector needs you! And I’m sure you will continue to make a massive difference in people’s lives and within the community.

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