Things to do in Teesside – Go Outdoors

When you think of Teesside do you think of exotic bird watching, rowing, mountain biking, surfing and sailing. I’m guessing you don’t, yet if you dig a little deeper into what is happening in our area, you will see it is brimming with these types of activities.
saltburn surf
For the last 6 or 7 years, I have taken myself off regularly to Saltburn, clothed myself from head to toe in 5mm neoprene and paddled out into the North Sea on my surf board. I am a surfer and I absolutely love it, I love the thrill of catching a wave, the tranquillity and beauty of being out at sea and mostly I love all the amazing people I have met. Being a surfer has opened my eyes to the richness of the outdoors and particularly the outdoors scene in Teesside. I grew up as a town girl, I never really considered that the outdoors were for me. How times have changed? Through surfing I discovered a very different Teesside and in my quest to shine a light on the area, this week I’d like to share my top 5 outdoor activities

5) Rowing on the River Tees: I was really excited to hear about Rivershack, a new company providing activities on the Tees: They’re based down at Preston Park and have beautiful hand-built rowing boats for hire every day between 10.30 & 4. That stretch of river is so beautiful, teaming with flowers, plants and wildlife, I cant think of a more relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
4) Wildlife spotting at Tees Estuary & RPBS Salthome: I was amazed to find out that our region hosts some of the most beautiful examples of rare birds. The birds and habitats found in this area are internationally, nationally and locally important. Go and explore & try and spot yourself anything from seals, Terns, Kestrels, Peregrine and even Yellow Wagtales.
3) Mountain biking at Guisborough Forrest: Situated on the edge of the North York Moors the area offers miles of scenic moorland routes, excellent forest trails and terrain to suit all types of mountain biking. With a range of graded routes catering for children and families as well as experienced mountain bike enthusiasts it is a perfect weekend activity
2) Surfing at Saltburn: Surfing is Britain’s fastest growing sport and even the North Sea doesn’t put us Teessider’s off it. Saltburn now has 2 surf schools and one surf shop to accommodate, offering all the equipment, advice & instruction anyone would need. It’s my number two activity and a highly recommend it to anyone.
1) Sailing at Tees Barrage, Stockton: There are so many activities here from white water rafting, bell boating, sailing or kayaking, you are never short of new experiences. From those water babies of us to the water shy, there is something for everything, making our international white water centre my winner and the jewel in Teesside’s outdoor crown
So there you go, 5 great outdoor things to do now what are you waiting for? Go and explore!

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