Time to Register! Time to get political!

time to register
People using their voice and their power to change something or to do something moves me. It is something I am deeply passionate about. The world we live in is better or worse because of people and because of the things they do and say. Politics is the collective action of people. It is the decisions that are made every day. It affects everything. What your local school is like, whether the pot holes in your road are sorted, whether your elderly relative gets good care at home, what your child see’s on TV, whether you have decent street lighting or what the local health service is like. Everything is political, and yet not all of us are political. Not all of us engage in the political process and that worries me. It really worries me.

This year people are predicting the lowest ever voter turn out for the general election, particularly among young people. Last year I learned that research was estimating close to 1 million young people would not be registered to vote at the general election. One million voices not heard on election day. Well, I was determined to do something.

A few months ago, I began having some conversations about this very issue. These conversations have now lead to action. A week of action called “Time to register” where many of us will be taking to the streets, using art, street demonstrations and social media to get young people aged 18-25 voting.
At the moment it is just in county Durham, but we are encouraging people in any town and city to get involved. There’s no copywrite, we just want to get people voting. Here’s the facebook event if you want to get involved webcal://www.facebook.com/ical/u.php?uid=722507018&key=AQD7hey5xrmfRMiZ or use the hashtag #timetoregister to tell us about any events you plan to do.

And for a bit of inspiration, watch this!

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