Babies are being damaged by alcohol

One of my roles working for an MP is to look at how we better support campaigns and causes. I’ve been amazed at how many, our parliamentarians are asked to support. It seems most days of the week there is a national campaign for something. Most are extremely worthy causes. This week it’s FASD week. F.A.S.D. stands for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders which is a … Continue reading Babies are being damaged by alcohol

Remember Aylan

Yesterday through tragedy Britain showed its heart. There’s been a slow burn of racism creeping into our communities; an unkind spirit growing in our towns. “You’re not welcome here” becoming the new tag line of our cities. Yesterday we were faced with the reality of our actions. Yesterday the migrant became a human. Yesterday the greedy scrounger became a child. And we cried and we … Continue reading Remember Aylan