Remember Aylan

Yesterday through tragedy Britain showed its heart.
There’s been a slow burn of racism creeping into our communities; an unkind spirit growing in our towns. “You’re not welcome here” becoming the new tag line of our cities.
Yesterday we were faced with the reality of our actions.
Yesterday the migrant became a human. Yesterday the greedy scrounger became a child. And we cried and we mourned and we asked… What can I do?

Well my advice, is firstly, you can remember

When you dress your little boy for school today, when you tuck your little girl up in bed tonight, when you take your child to the beach for the first time, remember Aylan.
When you hold your baby in your arms when they cry, when you carefully put your little brother or grandson into his a child seat, when you do bath time, remember Aylan,

Remember Aylan and the thousands and thousands like him; remember that every minute another Aylan will die through poverty, famine, conflict & disease,

We are so lucky to have been born in a world with so much, with safety, with an NHS, with a stable government, with food, water, education.

Aylan wasn’t so lucky, he was born into war & poverty. His parents hoped that if they got to Europe maybe we could share some of what we have with their son. He never made it.
But other Aylans will make it. They might even make it to England, to your town or your city.

How will you respond?

Will you hold up the “you’re not welcome sign” and say “there’s no room for you here?” Or will you remember Aylan and say “we’re so glad you made it”… “Welcome home!”

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