Engaging with Media

The media is important.  It allows stories and ideas to be shared, opinions to be formulated and voices to be heard.  Over the years I have engaged with the media to try and open up conversation, share new ideas and create opportunities for hidden voices and alternative stories to be heard and shared.

Below are some of the other publications and platforms I have written for and spoken to.



  • Speaking on ITV News Special EU referendum Debate here 
  • Speaking to BBC News Article about The EU referendum campaign here
  • Speaking to ITV News News article survival sex work on Teesside here
  • Speaking to BBC News – Responding to concerns about binge drinking in The North East Watch interview here

Recently I became involved with creating a new people’s media and alternative tabloid, which provides a platform for ordinary voices and gives a view of the world, different to the one portrayed through the mainstream press.

We Are Our Media is a collective of people from across the North East who believe we deserve better than what is currently being offered to us, by way of the main stream media. We seek to develop alternative media platforms, to produce journalism as it should be – independent and investigative, publishing stories that you cannot find elsewhere.

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