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jessie pic My name is Jessie Jacobs. I’m interested in place regeneration, grassroots politics, campaigning, the rights and voices of women, young people and children, community empowerment and social enterprise.

I won The Sunday Times social entrepreneur of the year award for the charity I set up in my 20’s A Way Out, but I understand that change comes through both social action and social change.

My current focus is grassroots politics and the media. I want to see politics represent every day people. To see hidden voices heard within decision making and more participatory forms of democracy emerging. I am the recent founder of a new tabloid publication ‘The Eclipse’ which is a peoples paper and a platform for hidden voices, providing an alternative to the mainstream tabloids. For my day job I work for the Northern TUC in Policy and campaigns. I have been involved in developing campaigns around pay, young workers, education cuts and austerity.

I have a deep passion for people and about making a difference in the world around me. In all I do, I try to fight for forgotten and marginalised people’s voices to be heard, for all people to have equal rights and life opportunities regardless of race, ability, sexuality or economic background . I believe in unity, in working together as collectives, cooperatives and in solidarity.

I was born in Stockton on Tees, and was brought up by my Grandma & Granddad, Maureen & Bill Jacobs. Being brought up by Grandparents taught me so much, about how life used to be, about old fashioned values and how to be a good citizen.

I am a committed Labour Party and trade union activist and have campaigned in two general elections, nne European election, local elections and was the regional field director for Britain Stronger In Europe, campaigning to stay in the European union. Alongside politics I write for local and national publications, and am working on a children’s fantasy fiction novel.

I’ve plenty of thoughts about life, politics and communities and from time to time, I blog about them here to comment or ask questions, I love a good debate


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  1. I would love to see Stockton thriving. I’d like it to be a place to be proud of, I think what you’re doing is great. I’d love to see more independant stores and a couple of Micropubs like the ones on Baker Street, Middlesbrough, would really give Stockton a cool edge. A skate park is also a fantastic idea and not too expensive. It encourages fitness in an age of video games etc whilst also keeping the nice new paving in the highstreet from being damaged. It’s a brilliant idea and something people could watch even if they don’t take part.

    One of the gripes I have is about the lack of integration with ethnic minorities in Stockton. However, I have a couple of pieces of great news on that front. Stop me if I’m telling you stuff you already know and are well aware of. I wrote to local Labour MP, Alex Cunningham, in regard of the lack of integration. He told me about a centre called CCIC on Dovecot Street. It’s a great little organisation, I urge people, whatever your background/nationality etc to pop down, take a look, eat in the cafe, offer to help if you can. I volunteered for a little while teaching TEFL. Something else really positive is the fair happening in Ropner Park on the 10th of August. They are eager for volunteers and helpers, if anyone is available on the 10th between 2 and 6pm leave your contact details with the cafe. The Park is holding an Eid festival. For a while now Ropner Park has been encouraging the Muslim community to join in with their regular fairs. This one is set to be Ropners biggest event yet with live music and Summer games. Anyone interested in crafts would also enjoy the fair as Ropner Parks craft group make many lovely things to sell to raise money and they are always looking for new members.

    Something else I’d like to get off my chest, I hope you don’t mind me using your blog to do it – Why doesn’t Stockton have a sculpture to commemorate, celebrate and remember John Walker. It’s probably our second greatest claim to fame. We should be making a big old song and dance about it. I think a petition and donation collection on the part of the public could really get something going. With all the work on in Stockton High street, (which I know everyone moans about – but I actually think is brightening up the Highstreet a great deal), a sculpture to commemorate John Walker would look great in the middle of the High street.

    Congratulations on a great blog and being part of a positive movement to enthuse people about their home town. Btw, have you seen the BBC4 documentary about Sound It Out vinyl record shop? It’s quirky and a little odd.

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