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Remember Aylan

Yesterday through tragedy Britain showed its heart. There's been a slow burn of racism creeping into our communities; an unkind spirit growing in our towns. "You're not welcome here" becoming the new tag line of our cities. Yesterday we were faced with the reality of our actions. Yesterday the migrant became a human. Yesterday the… Continue reading Remember Aylan

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Protecting Children

This week, I've been reflecting on children and those most vulnerable in our communities. On Sunday I was speaking to a young boy who told me it was his birthday the next day. His shoes and clothes had holes in them. He told me he wanted to jump off a tall building and die because… Continue reading Protecting Children

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Labour and The Miners Gala – Staying connected to our soul

As a newer resident to Durham city centre, the Durham Miners Gala is becoming a new tradition for me. I wasn’t brought up here but I now call Durham home. It’s been interesting observing the relationship between The Miners Gala and the Labour party. Ed Milliband was the first Labour leader in 23 years that… Continue reading Labour and The Miners Gala – Staying connected to our soul