Community Engagement

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For too long, North East communities have been subject to things being done to them and for them but never with them. Power, regardless of whether private or state, has been in the hands of the few. This needs to change. For a number of years I have been exploring bottom up approaches to community change, asking…

“What change would you like to see in your community?”

I’ve been helping people answer this question for themselves through

  • Supporting the set up an activist network & newsletter
  • Supporting set up of a peoples politics project, engaging people around politics through public spaces, public houses etc.
  • Connecting people involved in creative and cultural activities
  • Hosting place shaping conversations
  • Developing on-line voices
  • Developing new community initiatives and supporting community action.

My most recent and ambitious venture is the development of a new, peoples media project, We Are Our Media.   Through this project we are seeking to develop alternative media platforms and supporting people to tell their own stories.  We train up citizen journalists and have developed a quarterly tabloid publication called ‘The Eclipse’ that we deliver free to peoples doors, and take it into communities currently being failed by the mainstream newspapers.

If you want to read some of my thoughts and learning from my community engagement, follow this link for regular updates


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