Policy, Campaigns and Advocacy

Policy & Research


  •  As former director of Northern Inclusion Consortium, have led policy development on homelessness and mental health
  • Contributing to all party parliamentary groups such as The Prostitution and Global Sex Trade, Apprenticeships and Civil Society AAP’s.
  • Working as a policy and campaigns officer for Northern TUC, I developed, supported or contributed to policies around Brexit, Devolution, local regional industrial strategy, transport and local government cuts.
  • Working as a researcher for a county Durham MP covering issues such as welfare reform, the charity sector, local government cuts, place regeneration and housing

Democracy & Voice

  • Developing political initiatives like an activist network for people who want to fight different issues like austerity, environment, refugees rights
  • Setting up a pub politics night where people from Teesside come together to discuss the issues that matter to them
  • Developed a young people’s voter registration project and have put on and supported various other political events and discussions aimed at engaging children young people, women and those on the margins.
  • Starting a people’s tabloid, that give a voice to hidden voices into the issues that most affect them.


  • As former campaigns and policy officer for the TUC, I created and lead campaigns around local government cuts, regional industrial strategy, school cuts and joining a trade union
  • I have been involved in or led campaigns on the NHS and public sector pay
  • Developed or supported various campaign groups in response to governments cuts, racism and poverty
  • Developed and contributed to policies and schemes with Durham’s Police Crime Commissioner on tackling racism and hate crime
  • Campaigned against benefit sanctions