Growing the Climate Economy

TEESSIDE was once a region that built the world and through the right leadership, it could now be at the forefront of saving the world.

We are in the throws of a climate emergency and it is only set to get worse. The floods, storms and bush fires are just a small glimpse of what is coming. Our whole energy system needs overhauling as we transition away from fossil fuels. We can’t wait to deal with these shifts tomorrow, we have to start today. This means joined up planning for housing, transport, employment and skills.

Leading the way on climate action would not only help to secure the future for our children and grandchildren; it would deliver direct – and much needed – economic benefits for the Tees Valley today.

Because my climate strategy would ensure the Tees Valley plays a leading role in taking on the climate crisis at the same time as creating jobs, cutting household bills and greening our area.


Here are my top five ideas for how we tackle the challenge in front of us.


  1. Develop a Multi Million pound Tees Net-Zero Fund for business investment and infrastructure. 
  2. Develop The UK’s first Large Scale Green Manufacturing park
  3. Develop A Green Jobs Hub
  4. We will be a national centre for recycling and re-using waste.
  5. Employ Green Energy Ambassador – Creating opportunities around Hydrogen and other sustainable energy sources such as wind, waves and solar