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A better Deal For Women

I was working at a senior leadership level in the charity sector and recongised the desperate need to have female regional leaders. Our area has been fairing badly for women. Women in Tees Valley earn significantly less than men, with women earning 22% less; we have some of the highest child poverty rates in the country; our economy is declining;

Jessie demands urgent action to tackle unemployment freefall in Tees Valley after speaking with food and drinks industry leaders

UNEMPLOYMENT in the Tees Valley has sky-rocketed, with 12,375 job losses since March, figures published today by the House of Commons library reveal. Today’s figures, which record the number of people claiming unemployment-related benefits, show that since March there has been a colossal jump in claimants of 76% in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland and 79% in Stockton South. Jessie


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Over the years the Tees region has face faced many challenges, and yet, it is a place brimming with potential, despite the statistics there is a personality and vibrancy and a spirit that is fighting back.

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