My Vision (Archive from Tees Valley Mayoral Campaign)

Over the years the Tees region has face faced many challenges, and yet, it is a place brimming with potential, despite the statistics there is a personality and vibrancy and a spirit that is fighting back.

 We have a responsibility now more than ever to ensure the Tees Valley reaches it’s full potential. To push beyond what we ever felt possible, to become a great place to live, work, invest and play. To do that, it will take courage, leadership, unity and vision.

 For too long, we have allowed differences to divide us and fear to hold us back. But things are changing. We are going to need to face the future bravely and we are going to rebuild and transform this region together.

 A New Vision

I am going to unlock the opportunities and potential of the Tees Valley, build on our rich heritage and secure our future on the world stage. I am proud of our past and hopeful for our future. It’s time to dream big but also think local. I will ensure we build good jobs, great transport and great places, where our future generation want to live, work and play. I will bring people together for our future and build partnerships with councils, business and communities to achieve more than we can on our own. We will thrive again.

As your Mayor, these will be my priorities:

1) A great place to live, work and get around

 I love this area deeply and I am going to put us on the international map. People will come here from all over the world to work, live, invest and play.

This means great High Streets

I will invest in our high streets ensuring policy changes needed to rebuild our high streets and grow the everyday economy, following the Covid19 crisis

 Great transport

The people of the Tees Valley have somewhere to be and they need good quality, affordable and reliable transport to get them there. Transport is about much more than vehicles and maps.  It is about connecting people to the things they need to fulfil their lives.

And great homes

I will develop a plan for better, greener and more affordable homes for the Tees Valley, through seeking devolution of zero carbon homes scheme, to retro fit homes in priority areas and create local incentives for better and more socially and environmentally conscious housebuilding. Use mayoral powers to bring funding and investment for new social rent and council homes into the region and support plans for new co-operative housing developments in all parts of our region

2) Good jobs for everyone

Good Jobs of the Future: We need a vision for our future that is based on who we are now, not who we were. The world has changed and we must change with it. Teesside and the Tees region has always been at it’s most powerful when it innovates, pioneers and leads the way. This is why we must think differently and bravely. We need to stop thinking we can keep tinkering at the edges, or doing the same things and expecting different results. It’s time for genuine transformation that ensures a better Tees Valley for everyone.

Green Jobs

Creating new good jobs of the future

Ensuring thriving local business and a strong local economy

3) A great place to grow up, get on and grow old

I will make the Tees Valley, the best place in the UK to grow up, get on and grow old; Read more here

As potentially the UK’s first female metro mayor, I am going to ensure we really put women’s empowerment on my agenda and make the Tees Valley one of the family friendliest places in the UK: Find out more here

4) Putting us on the map – World Class Culture, Heritage and Industry

I love this area deeply and I am going to put us on the international map. People will come here from all over the world to visit and invest.

Culture and tourism

I will bring world class heritage and cultural attractions to the Tees Valley, including a leisure park and industrial heritage museum, protecting industrial structures and disused heritage buildings, repurposing them for public good.

Investment and growth

I will also put us on the international map for investment, ensuring we are the centre of the green industrial revolution and at the forefront of the social technological revolution including biotechnology, edu-tech and fintech.