Politics and Campaigning

There are many ways to bring about change, and after twelve years of leading front line services for people in need, it became apparent that some changes need to be made at a policy and societal level. Another thing also became clear though that those who were most affected by politics were often those who were not engaging.  I could understand, often the day to day world of politics seems far removed from ordinary people’s lives and experiences. So for the last few years I have been getting involved in creating opportunities for grassroots voices to be heard within decision making and trying influence policy through campaigning and political engagement.

Some of the things I have been getting up to

Campaigning & Advocacy

As former campaigns and policy officer for the TUC I created and lead campaigns around local government cuts, school cuts and joining a trade union

I was the regional director for Britain Stronger in Europe and developed and lead the campaign to stay in the EU

I have been involved or lead campaigns on the NHS

Attended, developed or supported various campaign groups in response to governments cuts, racism and poverty

Engaged with Durham’s Police Crime Commissioner on tackling racism in the workplace

Campaigned against benefit sanctions

Politics in the community

Developing political initiatives like an activist network for people who want to fight different issues like austerity, environment, refugees rights

Setting up a pub politics night where people from Teesside come together to discuss the issues that matter to them

Developed a young people’s voter registration project and have put on and supported various other political events and discussions aimed at engaging children young people, women and those on the margins.

Starting a people’s tabloid, that give a voice to hidden voices into the issues that most affect them.


Policy & Research


Contributing to all parliamentary groups such as The Prostitution and Global Sex Trade, Apprenticeships and Civil Society AAP’s.

Working as a policy and campaigns officer for Northern TUC, I developed, supported or contributed to policies around Brexit, Devolution, transport and local government cuts.

Working as a researcher for a county Durham MP covering issues such as welfare reform, the charity sector, local government cuts, place regeneration and housing

On the regional and national Unite Labour Party Liaison board, I contribute to policies and strategies around workers rights and the link between trade unions, politics and the Labour Party.

I have various roles in my local Labour Party including political officer and womens office

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