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Mayor of the Tees Valley

In May 2021, I was Labour’s Candidate for Tees Valley metro mayor, hoping to join Tracy Brabin, Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan to represent and lead one of our key English regions. My vision was for an exciting, people centred, transformed Tees Valley, where people worked together for a better future for everyone

I sadly did not win, but it was a hopeful and exciting campaign that offered a real alternative for people and places. Below are some of my key campaign videos, ideas and speeches.

Concession Speech

A hopeful message to voters

A powerful speech to launch Jessie’s manifesto of hope for the Tees Valley

Jessie launches a campaign to support local people into employment and business

Jessie hosts an event for the community and creative sector in Middlesbrough – Here is her inspiring speech

A very different campaign video, which launched Jessie’s campaign to be Labour’s candidate for the Tees Valley Mayoral Campaign

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