Things to do in Teesside – Go Outdoors

When you think of Teesside do you think of exotic bird watching, rowing, mountain biking, surfing and sailing. I’m guessing you don’t, yet if you dig a little deeper into what is happening in our area, you will see it is brimming with these types of activities. For the last 6 or 7 years, I have taken myself off regularly to Saltburn, clothed myself from … Continue reading Things to do in Teesside – Go Outdoors

Discovering Teessides Cultural Scene

Teesside has creativity and culture coming out of its ears. But it seems only a few people know about it. Just like many other great things happening in the region, it is hidden, underground and away from the main-stream. This is probably one of its greatest strengths but also its biggest weakness. The sector has this gritty grassroots edginess, a non-commercialised character and a group … Continue reading Discovering Teessides Cultural Scene

Be the Change You Wish to See in Teesside

For the past few months I have been getting out and about and meeting local people. I am working on an idea that Teesside and the surrounding areas can change for the better if people come together to be the change they wish to see. Many of us complain about what is wrong with Teesside but few of us do much about changing things. I … Continue reading Be the Change You Wish to See in Teesside