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Labour and The Miners Gala – Staying connected to our soul

As a newer resident to Durham city centre, the Durham Miners Gala is becoming a new tradition for me. I wasn’t brought up here but I now call Durham home. It’s been interesting observing the relationship between The Miners Gala and the Labour party. Ed Milliband was the first Labour leader in 23 years that… Continue reading Labour and The Miners Gala – Staying connected to our soul

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Vote With Hope

Don't know who to vote for or even why vote... Here's some of my thoughts, here is why I am voting. I hope this will make you think about what's important to you. Each of us are citizens, we are not just individuals, we are the community, we are the town we live in, we… Continue reading Vote With Hope

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White Noise of Politics

For the past few months I’ve been looking at how we get people more engaged in politics, from registering and encouraging people to vote, to mobilising individuals and communities to be more politically active. One thing has become really obvious in the run up to this General Election. A lot of people genuinely don’t know… Continue reading White Noise of Politics

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Sharing honestly about self interest

I want to share really honestly with you this afternoon. My deepest concern for British society, above all other things, above domestic abuse, above crime, above loneliness and even above poverty is this… selfishness. That’s a bold statement I know, so let me unpack it a little. Many, if not all other social and moral… Continue reading Sharing honestly about self interest